AI Imagination Lab

Understand how you can harness the power of artificial intelligence specifically for your credit union in our interactive, 2- day workshop in partnership with Signal and Cipher

Owners Who Joined Us in San Antonio, TX!

Accomplish 12% more, in 25% less time, at a 40% increase in quality with Generative AI.
(source: Harvard & Boston Consulting Group)


About Our Workshop

The AI Imagination Lab, was an immersive AI experience that directly impacts the future of your credit union. Here’s what we explored:

  • Prompt Engineering: How to design statements effectively and questions that guide an AI to produce accurate and insightful responses.
  • AI-Driven Creativity: How AI fosters innovation and sparks idea generation.
  • AI for Member Retention: AI’s role in improving the member experience.
  • Generative AI Talks: Discussions on Generative AI’s realities, ethics, and potential.
  • Future of Work: We explored AI’s role in reshaping work, empowering teams, and optimizing processes.

Hear from Ian about
this one-of-a-kind workshop


This workshop is perfectly suited for senior leaders across the credit union who are eager to engage hands-on and delve into the potential of AI. It offers a valuable chance to investigate how emerging AI technology can be effectively utilized to strategically enhance the performance of your credit union.

We are delighted to welcome back Ian Beacraft, who previously shared his valuable insights at our Summer Owner meeting. Ian will continue to offer his expertise and forward-thinking perspectives to credit union leaders who are looking to shape their AI strategies.


First Attendee: $4,200
Second Attendee: $3,600

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*If you are no longer able to attend after registering, don’t worry! You may transfer your registration to another person within your organization. No refunds will be issued.


The workshop was held held live at The Emma Hotel in San Antonio, TX.

All times listed are in the Central Time zone.

December 4, 2023

Welcome Reception

December 5, 2023

Breakfast | Team Tech Setup

Introduction to AI and its Impact on the Future


Exploring the Potential of Effective Prompt Engineering


How AI Can Drive Creativity and Foster Idea Generation


Where We Are Today – Discussion & Networking Session

Wine/Hors d’oeuvres Reception

December 6, 2023


Panel Discussion on the Realities and Myths Surrounding Generative AI


Encoding Knowledge


Workshop on AI Methods for Understanding your Members


The Future of Work: Empowering Teams with AI


Jeremy 2

Head of Product Strategy, Signal and Cipher

Brendt 2.1

Check out Ian Beacraft's Owner Meeting
Presentation from August in Chicago!

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Ian Beacraft

CEO and Chief Futurist
Signal and Cipher


Considered one of the top voices in AI and the future of work,, Ian Beacraft is a trusted advisor to the world’s most innovative companies. The founder and chief futurist of Signal and Cipher, Ian leads a strategic foresight agency that guides brands through the rapidly changing technology landscape and finds meaningful routes to innovation that impact the bottom line, inspire cultural change, and create new products and services.

Previously responsible for P&L’s and innovation departments at the largest agencies in the world, Ian is known for making bleeding-edge technology understandable and monetizable even when best practices are scarce. Brands he has advised over the last decade include CapitalOne, CIT, Samsung, Intel, Coca-Cola, Google, and Microsoft.

Zenia Simpson

Head of Operations

Signal and Cipher


Zenia Simpson is an accomplished leader renowned for spearheading innovation and empowering organizations to implement transformative strategies. As head of internal operations at Signal + Cipher, she oversees optimization and growth.

Previously, as Director of Strategy for a top mortgage fintech firm, Zenia led critical product and brand marketing initiatives, pioneering methods to strengthen banking professionals’ capabilities. She managed operations and digital transformation for Arlington County’s Economic Development Division, directing one of the largest U.S. public arts funds.

She holds a Bachelor’s in Journalism from Howard University, cum laude. With deep expertise spearheading product and brand strategy for fintech, and a stellar record driving innovation, Zenia is uniquely equipped to help propel client success. Her vision and ability to inspire teams make her an invaluable partner for implementing inventive solutions that yield transformative outcomes.

Jeremy Olken

Head of Product Strategy

Signal and Cipher


A seasoned leader with a decade of experience in driving innovation, building community, and guiding product strategy across Fortune 500 companies and high-growth startups. Jeremy has spearheaded the development and go-to-market of products and experiences in emerging tech areas such as conversational AI, mixed reality, and web3.

At Signal and Cipher, Jeremy is driving the overall product vision and roadmap. His ability to distill complex ideas into compelling narratives and user-friendly experiences, enables the development of products and services that truly resonate with consumers.

His client work includes activations within the financial services, entertainment, retail, healthcare, crypto, CPG, and technology verticals.

Brendt Petersen

Creative General(ist)

Signal and Cipher


Brendt is a seasoned creative director with significant expertise in developing branded experiences, particularly in highly regulated markets. Brendt leads the creative and Artificial Intelligence (AI) development at Signal & Cipher, pioneering innovative processes and
solutions. His foresight helps foster a culture of innovation, enhancing brand
engagements and consumer interactions.

Previously as Executive Creative Director at MERKLE, New York, Brendt drove the reorganization and digital transformation for a Global 500 company, leading diverse teams through significant restructuring and rebranding projects