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About Our Webinar

ModernFi and MDC have partnered to help MDC’s owners grow, retain, and manage their deposits. Together, we are launching the first deposit network for credit unions, allowing CUs to provide extended NCUA insurance to large-value members, source funding on demand, and sweep excess liquidity. ModernFi has partnered with MDC, Canapi, Andreessen Horowitz, and Northern Trust in addition to other leading financial institutions.

ModernFi presented on:

  • Reciprocate deposits to grow and retain funding
  • Source deposits on demand for liquidity
  • Sweep excess deposits to improve performance

ModernFi is looking to find partners to create a credit union marketplace for swapping uninsured deposits. The pilot program will be available to LID credit unions and those with a nationwide field of membership.


This session is ideal for CEOs, CFOs, Chief Investment Officers, CLOs, CSOs, and teams focused on strategy, finance, and investments.


There was no cost for this webinar, but registration is required.


The webinar was held live and broadcast via Zoom.

All times listed were in the Central Time Zone.

  1. Introductions
  2. Presentation by ModernFi
  3. Q&A



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Jeff Kline

President and CEO

Members Development Company


Jeff Kline has been the President/CEO of MDC since 2007 and has been in the credit union industry for more than 30 years.

Jeff started his career as a CPA at KPMG Peat Marwick and then went to work for a client, US Central Credit Union. He has worked at several other credit unions as an EVP of Finance and Technology, an EVP of Retail and Strategy, and as a CEO.

Paolo Bertolotti

CEO and Co-Founder



Paolo Bertolotti is the CEO and Co-Founder of ModernFi, a financial technology firm that helps credit unions and banks grow, retain, and manage their deposits and shares. Through ModernFi’s deposit network, financial institutions of all sizes can provide extended deposit insurance, manage balance sheet size, and source funding. Prior to ModernFi, he was a quantitative researcher at the asset management firm AQR Capital. Paolo holds a PhD in machine learning from MIT where he focused on deposit optimization and a BS in operations research from Columbia. He also serves as a Lecturer in Statistics at Columbia University.

Meagan O'Brien

Sr. Facilitator


Meagan O’Brien began her career as a mechanical engineer working in the aerospace industry designing flight deck controls for military and commercial airplanes. In the evenings she studied and performed improvisation at The Second City and iO. Following her passion, she quit her job in 2006 and toured with The Second City National Touring Company. Once she had her fill of long van rides, she discovered a new passion: blending the philosophies and skills of improvisation with challenges in the business world. She spends her time facilitating corporate workshops, giving keynote presentations, hosting events and panel discussions, and generally loving what she gets to do every day! She was recently named one of Fast Company’s Most Creative People in Business.